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How to I change my Display Settings
Last Updated 7 months ago

With the upgrade to new monitors for staff this year. We have eliminated the splitter box that some of you still had in place. That being said, by default some of you may encounter the issue where you turn your computer on and the login screen doesn’t display on your new monitor. It is very likely your login screen is displaying on your projector. If that is the case use the following steps below.

Step 1
Turn the computer and projector on so you can see which display has your login screen showing.

Step 2
Right click anywhere on the desktop in an area with no icons by dragging your mouse over to the display on the projector. Click on Display Settings and the Display Setting Window will appear as shown below on the display which is showing your desktop.


Under the Rearrange your display you will see 1 & 2 in this example it is showing 3 displays because I have 3 displays. If you click on Identify you will see a 1 or 2 show up on your screen. Say your new monitor is #2 you will need to click on the 2 display


Step 3
After you have clicked on the display you will need to scroll down in the Display Settings Window to Multiple Displays under Multiple Displays the default option is set to Extend Desktop to this Display. This by default means you can have your computer displays set up to act as 2 separate monitors. If you want to have what you see on your desktop monitor be the same as what you see on your projector monitor you need to change this setting to Duplicate Desktop on 1 and 2.

Also make sure that you have the check box below checked that says Make this my Main Display.

Step 4
This step only applies if you wish to leave your setup as the Default with having two separate displays. We need to arrange your displays how you want to drag tabs or windows over to the second display. In the rearrange your displays you can drag 1 and 2 around so if you want to drag content right or left after you have set your main display you can. It really depends on how you display content on your smartboard or brightlink.

If you are still having trouble after following these steps please submit a helpdesk ticket and a tech will be glad to assist.

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